Corporate massage

Enhance your workplace performance & Company morale!

Corporate Massage is performed in various workplaces as requested.
Therapists are Diploma qualified in Remedial Massage Therapy.
They generally are contracted by an employer who wishes to offer extra benefits to their staff or executives.

How does Corporate Massage work?

The mobile Therapist provides their own mobile massage chair or table, and treatments take place without clothing being removed (if seated). A typical chair massage will last approximately 15 minutes, with the practitioner concentrating on the back, neck and shoulders, the areas that suffer most stress from extended seating periods.

Table massages are provided also, however they require more space and time to set up, and can be offered for 20-60 minutes, allowing more of the body to be treated, particuarly specific trouble areas.

Benefits of Corporate Massage

Benefits of Corporate Massage to the recipients are manifold: rejuvenation of tired muscles, stress relief and relief of headaches and back pain. From the employer’s point of view, employees often require less sick or stress leave and are appreciative of the care given to their health needs, thus improving company morale.

Some workplaces allow a massage therapist to set up on regular days in their workplace to allow employees to receive treatment reguarly but usually at their own expense.

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