AMAZONIA Energy 120g

AMAZONIA Energy 120g


RAW, NATURAL FRUITS & VEGETABLES (Organic Beetroot powder, Organic Goji Berry, juice powder, Organic Acai Berry, F.D., Organic Coconut Water, F.D.), SLOW-RELEASE RAW SEED & GRAIN BLEND (Organic grain and seed blend [Organic Oat bran, Organic Buckwheat, Organic Millet, Organic Amaranth, Organic Quinoa, Organic Chia]), TRACE MINERAL COMPLEX (ALGAE DERIVED) (Natural Sea Mineral Complex, algae powder [74 trace minerals]), ENERGY SUPPORTING HERBAL BLEND (Siberian Ginseng, herbal extract powder, Yerba Mate, leaf extract powder, Elderberry, fruit extract powder, Organic Mushroom, fungi powder, Gingko [Gingko Biloba], herbal extract powder, Gotu Kola [Centella Asiatica], herbal extract powder), RAW ORGANIC PROTEIN (Raw Organic Pea Amino Acid complex, powder, Natural Vanilla Flavour [Vanilla ext.], Natural Apple Flavour [Apple ext.], Natural Berry Flavour [Berry ext.], Stevia, leaf extract powder). F.D.: freeze dried

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AMAZONIA – RAW Energy With Organic Foods, Seeds & Herbs 120g


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